Case Study 1

Granny Cameron receives the State pension and her life savings are earning interest in the Building Society. Granny Cameron believes she is all square with the Taxman because her personal allowance covers the pension and the Building Society deducts tax from her interest. Is she correct? Well No - in fact the Taxman is due her a refund! We assisted her to get her refund and she treated all the family to a Sunday lunch out and even had enough over to buy a new hat for a special occasion.

If you are a Granny Cameron, or you know someone in her situation, contact us for assistance. This situation may also apply to a younger person on a low income with savings income.

Case Study 2

Mr Manwhocan is in business on his own. He repairs domestic appliances. Mrs Manwhocan helps him when she can but mainly looks after their two children, one of whom is still pre-school.  They are a typical financially hard-pressed couple with a large mortgage to service.

The business regularly makes annual taxable profits around the £30,000 mark. How can this situation be improved? - With a re-organisation of his affairs Mr Manwhocan can make substantial tax savings.

Case Study 3

Mr and Mrs Goodlife separate their marital duties on traditional lines. He goes out to work and looks after the finances. She stays at home and looks after the children. Apart from a small amount in a joint Building Society account all the other investments are in Mr Goodlife's name - he inherited some money from a relative a few years ago. Mr Goodlife is very happy with his home and family but would like to pay less tax. Can this be achieved?

Case Study 4

Johnny Expat has worked in the Gulf for a number of years . He is always busy and on his visits home has very little time for personal paperwork. He has let out his Edinburgh flat through a UK Letting Agent. Johnny notices that the Agent deducts tax from his rental income as well as his expenses and commission. On querying this Johnny is told that tax must be deducted by law. The net amount paid into Johnny's bank account is disappointingly low. Has Johnny any remedy?

Case Study 5

Solväg from Sweden has come to London to improve her English. She reckons on staying just over 5 months and has managed to get an office job in town. When she receives her first payslip she is unpleasantly surprised at the level of deductions made. She asks Payroll Department for an explanation and is told that everything is correct for her situation. How can we make the sun shine on Solväg's path?

Actually this situation can apply (language considerations or not) to Andy from Australia, Colin from Canada, Françoise from France, Santano from Spain - in fact anyone from anywhere outside the UK!

Case Study 6

Mrs Bee is a widow who keeps busy with a part-time job and two teenage sons to look after. The elder son is shortly to go off to University leaving his room vacant. Mrs Bee had thought of letting this room to bring in some extra money but is put off by worries about tax implications. We can assist Mrs Bee in this situation.

Case Study 7

Andy from Audenshaw lives with his partner Nana and they have a young son called Benz (Andy loves cars). Andy used to work in the desert and has built up a substantial investment in Bonds and shares over the years. Recently he read in a newspaper about the possible Income Tax benefits arising from sharing investment income. Andy is now poised with transfer forms at the ready to proceed. Hold on Andy! Check with us first or you could get a nasty shock.

Case Study 8

Miss Wright works as a dental practice receptionist and lives with her elderly mother. Now in early middle age, she is concerned about her future financial security. Two years ago she inherited money from a relative and decided to buy an annuity for life. She understood that tax would be deducted from the monthly income payments under the annuity, but the net amounts received are less than she expected. Let us look into this for you, Miss Wright!

Fictional characters but based on true-life stories


Tax Cases - Examples of how you could save money

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